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like imagineyourotp but with celebs and fucking.
almost all posts are submissions.
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Imagine fucking Aaron Johnson… oh wait, you’re not old enough to be his mother.

Imaging fucking Martin Freeman. Halfway through he turns into Lucy Liu and you know what? It’s even better.

Imagine fucking Liam Payne in summer ‘09.

Imagine fucking Shinji Ikari. You fall into a coma. He finishes in his hand even though you are in a coma. I mean, Jesus Christ, kid. They’re in a coma.

imagine fucking Kurt Vonnegut. He says ‘so it goes’ when he comes and it’s funny and sad.

Imagine fucking Jared Padalecki. As he climaxes, he bellows loudly and turns into a moose. He crashes out the door, leaving you a bloody, confused mess on the floor.

Imagine fucking Lena Dunham. She’s done and it’s your turn, but she just lies there. When you ask her why she isn’t doing anything for you she explains that she doesn’t feel she has enough authentic experience to competently fuck someone like you, and suggests you finish yourself off.

Imagine fucking John Travolta. He goes down on you. You close your eyes as you climax. When you open your eyes you see that he has turned into Nicolas Cage.

imagine fucking one direction. you cannot go in the other direction. you are stuck in this position for life

Imagine fucking Steve Buscemi.