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So, I'm a bit confused. Do we just submit the names, or the situations as well? Do you do any of the situation-making?
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people submit the whole post, I just proofread for errors, change the formatting and capitalization etc

I make the posts that aren’t tagged w/ submission

Imagining fucking John Stamos. Just as you’re reaching orgasm, he pulls out and moves in with your family to begin a vaguely homoerotic friendship with your father and uncle, filled with forced sentimental moments complete with cheesy music and a complete lack of sex. You are now celibate and love children.

Imagine fucking Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s mediocre at best and he comes quickly. But then, in the midst of orgasm, his facial features begin to morph. With horror you realize that he is turning into a sloth. Soon the transformation is complete. He has reached his final form. 

Imagine fucking Stephen Colbert. While he’s fucking you he tells you he can’t come unless you sing the national anthem, and then when he orgasms, he screeches like an eagle. Whether or not you had a good time, fireworks go off at the end. You find yourself amused and very, very concerned.

imagine fucking Jon Stewart. about halfway through he pulls out and starts helicoptering, shouting obscene things about your neighbours. you never ask him over again but he still hangs around outside your window, crying and jerking off.

imagine fucking hector elizondo. he makes you wear a grey wig and won’t stop calling you gary.

Imagine fucking Davey Havok. You are kissing passionately and you slide your hands down his body, stopping at the hem of his pants. You pull down his zipper and he smiles as you tug down his underwear. You recoil in horror. Davey’s smile grows wider. Where you expected to see an erection, Davey Havok is smooth as a Ken doll. There’s simply nothing there. You want to scream, but he presses up against you and whispers; “balls will roll.”

Imagine fucking Dianna Agron. She goes to go down on you and accidentally swallows you whole.

Imagine fucking morrissey. You can’t.

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